The Steadfast Tin Soldier?

"The Steadfast Tin Soldier?" is a contemporary, coming-of-age drama involving Ashwin, four of his closest friends and his IITian role-model brother, Abhinav.

Ashwin's story is one wherein he fights vociferously against the world and the rules it lays down upon him, only for him to realize that all his demons have been internalized. This is a story of how Ashwin tries to swim against the flow, as he tries to take control of his life and not give in to the whims of his parents, teachers and society at large.

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  1. Anirudh,
    You are doing the best thing ever.
    All the very best for the times Ahead. Hope to see u in papers very soon.

    1. Thanks Sajjan :) I do hope you get the chance to read, amidst your busy Nagayalanka schedule. I'll appreciate a review!

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  3. Loved ur posts in Facebook...looking forward to reading ur novel too...all the best!!!!